Monday, April 20, 2009

A Dream about Being a Werewolf

"Last night I had a dream that I was a white werewolf. I didn't turn into a werewolf until I was abandoned in the woods. While running around I found another werewolf but this one was brown. I felt strongly attracted to it. When I went to run off with it, a bunch of other werewolves captured me when the brown werewolf ran away. I escaped and went to look for the brown werewolf. When I found him I woke up.

When I woke up I felt as though I had been running. I also felt like i was missing someone... I don't exactly know what that dream meant and I was hoping you could help me find out."

Thanks for emailing me this great dream for a free dream reading! The symbols that you're dealing with here are rather complex, I can see why having a dream like this may be a little odd. Let's start by talking about werewolves; as a mythical hybridization of a human and a wolf, the werewolf can symbolize a primal call to our base instincts, which we often repress in order to live in our workaday world. Similarly, the werewolf can be considered a representation of repressed emotions like rage; personally, I believe that werewolves are a largely misunderstood animal. In much of pop culture lore about werewolves, the animals are sad loners, chased and loathed by society because of their beastly nocturnal activities. By day, however, the werewolf is merely another a person, with the same hopes, dreams and desires for social acceptance and assimilation as anyone else.

A white wolf can typically be interpreted as a symbol of bravery and idealism; that you are a white werewolf in this dream says to me that you are feeling misunderstood by others in your waking life. You have the gifts of an intrepid spirit, and the hopes of a bright future, but these traits are not being valued as they should. I'm getting the sense from this dream that you know, almost instinctively, how to deal with the issues in front of you, but unfortunately you don't have the army behind you that you can lead to a victory.

The image of the woods lends to these ideas, as a dream of being lost in the woods often symbolizes anxiety, and a desire to return to ones' primitive instincts. You're not a werewolf until you're in the woods, so perhaps it's not until you need the brave, animal side of you that you allow the inner"Beast" to howl at the moon. When you see a brown werewolf, a sort of reflection of yourself, you immediately feel a connection. What you'd like is an ally in battle; instead you're abandoned by that friend and captured by a less friendly group. In response, you run away and are likely pursued; as discussed in other dreams, being chased in a dream is often a reflection of fear. In this instance, it may be that you are running from your own anger, or your feelings about a situation that you can't seem to resolve. Whatever this situation may be, I believe that you feel alone in the fight against it, as symbolized by that brown werewolf who leaves you to your foes. There may be a specific person that you're missing in your "real" life who is symbolized here by that werewolf buddy, or it may be an amalgamation of the type of friend or ally you wish you had in your life.

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  1. I had a dream last night that I was in my childhood home (moved 22 years ago) and I was with my husband. A werewolf came out of the closet dressed in a white dress shirt and black trousers. He grinned at us and ran off. What does this mean?

  2. i dreamt that a member of my family was cursed and at every full moon he would transform into a bloodthirsty werewolf. when he had changed i didnt know who he was and the first and second time i dreamt about it i was always the only one to escape but no matter how much i tried to hide he would find me and in my fear i would somehow transform myself into a werewolf and fight it. but i still new who i was. even when i try to get away from the monster he would get me and hurt me so much. as soon as i got away from it into my house there would be torn apart bodies practically nothing left but blood splated everywhere. i would always go up to the attic even though i knew there would be no escape (i knew from my last dream) there would be staks of meat in there but the call of meat to that monster meant nothing his eyes kept on glaring at me with such fury.once i felt like i was going to die i looked out of the doorway and there would be a little girl standing there. then i would wake up. what does this mean, i feel so confused i've never had the same dream twice.

  3. I keep having a dream that I'm surrounded by people that I've known in beautiful homes with such historic value when I start staring out the window to this HUGE yellow tinged moon and the transformation begins, no one is afraid, more supportive than anything and then mid transformation I wake up...
    Any Suggestions???

  4. Good day! I am glad to come across your site. I had a dream last night. It is still very vivid till now and I am really curious what is the interpretation behind it and I really hope that you could help me with it.

    I dream that I am inlove with a white werewolf, he is chased by people because they taught that he killed someone. then while being chased away, I followed those people chasing him, I remember running and jumping above big water pipes above buildings. I've been exhausted and returned home. Then when I am at my room, he appeared in front of him in human form then my parents learned about his presence and there had a big confrontation and he became wolf again and went away.

    Please help me interpret my dreams. Thank you so much! my email address is


  5. I had a dream of being a white werewolf as well. I had cuts on my body in my werewolf as same as on my real body (due to an accident) I was running through the fields full of over grown flowers, they were so beautiful. I felt a great deal of struggle to run on all four legs. So I lifted myself up and ran on only two feet. I saw it much faster and didnt stop. After reaching my destination at a theme park. I saw a girl and changed back into my normal self. We held hands together the whole time we were there. But then, my family came and seperated us. After watching a water show. They took her away and my uncle grabbed me aside and said he knew what I am. What I can do. I promised to him that I wont do anything to hurt his family or hers. He didn't believe me and ran aff in a white van. I changed back into a wolf and chased them back in the woods...But it was too late..They were already gone. I woke up and i found myself crying because something was taken away from me..more of a person than an object....